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Add Movie Fail FAQ

The first step of making DVD from movie files is to add movie files to the AVI DVD Burner, in most case, you can easily add movie files to AVI DVD Burner with no problem. But some case, you will get "add movie fail" error, this FAQ is to describe all the most common errors you may encounter while adding movie files.

Add the right movie file

The topest add movie file error comes from adding the wrong movie file. Typically, after downloading from internet or copying from other computer, you will get a movie with several files, not just only one movie file. Below is a typical directory you may get:
movie files get from internet

Each of the line upper is a file you may get for a movie downloaded from internet, a bit torrent downloading. Here we describe each of the file.
  • 8D5892EF15F63F5FCBAB99E4B3BF50CCA775F2CD.torrent
    The torrent file to download the movie from internet, obviously, this is not the movie file. DO NOT add this file to AVI DVD Burner.
  • 26k nfo.nfo
    This is the nfo file, in which says who made the movie, it's all text, so if you are interesting, you can open the file with any text editor, like notepad, etc. DO NOT add this file to AVI DVD Burner.
  • TED.2012.720p.sample.avi
    This is a movie file, but not the main movie file, it's just a sample of the movie, typically it's a one to 5 minutes movie segment of the movie. You can add this file to AVI DVD Burner, but remember, it's only 1 to 5 minutes long, so it's not worthing converting and burning a DVD for it.
  • TED.2012.720p.TS.XViD-26k.avi
    This is the real movie file ! all your downloading is for this file, typically the file size is 100 Mega bytes to 5 Giga bytes. This is the only right file that you should add to AVI DVD Burner !
  • ted1.png
  • ted2.png
  • ted3.jpg
  • ted4.png
    These files are all just picture files captured from the movie, it's just like the sample movie file, for you to preview the movie quality or content before deciding to download it or play it. DO NOT add these files to AVI DVD Burner.
So you must find the real movie file, and add only the right file to AVI DVD Burner, or you will get add file fail error.

In some case, you may get subtitle files along with the movie file, please refer to this page for how to deal with subtitle files.

I add the right file, but still get fail error

If you already adding the right movie file, but still get adding fail error, you need to check if the file is a good movie file. How to check it ?

First you need to know, in some case, due to download or copy error, you get a movie file incomplete, to check if a movie is a good movie file, it's very simple, just play it !

You can try to play the movie file with any movie player installed in you computer, and try to drag the play position to check if all part of the movie is good. If in any case, the movie file can't be played or can't be seeked, that means the movie file is something wrong, try to re-download it or re-copy it.

Everything is OK, but I still can't add movie file

If you have done all testing, the movie file is a good playable movie file, but you still can't add the file to AVI DVD Burner, then please write email to us, our customer service guy will help you with the problem.